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Accessories & Cables

Conversor HD-BT


Bluetooth adapter for connection to hearing aids without LOOP “T” Telecoil receiver. Supplied with USB charger lead and short audio lead and adapter to connect to the Conversor Pro or Conversor HD pendant receiver.

Accessories & Cables

Headphone splitter adapter


For sharing the headphone connection of your device. Use this adapter to connect SCRIPT and headphones to your laptop or mobile device, so that you can read the text you hear in your earphones.


Accessories & Cables

Director HD microphone


Directional micropone for Android Ios (ipad) and MAC computers. 1.5m cable. For Windows PC or dictaphone, please use Director Pro instead.

Accessories & Cables

Conversor Pro receiver


Conversor Pro receiver

Accessories & Cables

Conversor Pro in-car charger


Conversor Pro wireless hearing device in-car charger

Accessories & Cables

Conversor Pro charger


USB Power supply unit for Conversor Pro and Conversor Pro Plus

Accessories & Cables

Multipack charger


Power rating 5V, 2.6A power supply for use with voltage input 100-240V. Power supply for Conversor Pro multipacks


Personal stereo cable for Oticon hearing instrument and smartphone, ALD or audio source

Accessories & Cables

Conversor Pro battery set


Battery set for Conversor Pro

Accessories & Cables

Inductive neck loop


Conversor inductive loop for use with a hearing aid and iPod, iPad or iPhone


Personal stereo cable for all hearing instruments, except Oticon, and smartphone, ALD or audio source