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Assistive Listening Devices

Conversor Pro Audio


Conversor Pro Audio is the latest in the Conversor range. This is the same simple remote microphone that has become so popular, but with the latest CD-quality digital radio. It looks and works just like the Conversor Pro, but sounds beautiful! It also accepts a headset mic or tie-clip mic, or other audio device like a laptop. or TV audio. There are a number of companion products including a new TV transmitter, SCRIPT live text display receiver and SOUNDFIELD speakers.

Tour Guide & Group Systems

Conversor Pro 3 Channel Receiver

Conversor Pro 3 Channel Receiver with a custom number of receivers and transmitters according to your requirements. Contact us for a quote on a bespoke Conversor Pro 3 Channel Receiver for multiple speakers and listeners.

Tour Guide & Group Systems

TV Pro Multipack

Conversor Pro TV sound system for a group of people with hearing loss or who are hard of hearing. One TV Pro transmitter with a custom number of receivers; contact us for a quote for a bespoke case according to your requirements.

Tour Guide & Group Systems


Conversor HD group system for tour guides and hard of hearing groups with one transmitter and a custom number of receivers. Contact us for a quote on a bespoke multipack created according to your requirements.

Assistive Listening Devices

Conversor HD


Conversor HD is a simple remote microphone and pendant receiver with an improved noise-cancelling digital microphone, a louder pendant loop output and longer battery life than the previous "Conversor Pro" model. It looks and works just like the Conversor Pro, but it works better! Fully compatible with TV Pro and older versions of Conversor Pro.Not compatible with the latest Conversor "Pro Audio" digital products.