Prosenio customers who bought Conversor products

Hello to all Prosenio customers who bought Conversor products !

We will be happy to provide support for Conversor products supplied to you by Prosenio. Please send email chat or phone we will be happy to help you!

Here we have some hearing products: 

Conversor HD
Conversor HD is the latest in the Conversor range. This is the same simple remote microphone that has become so popular, but with an improved noise-cancelling digital microphone, louder pendant loop output and longer battery life.
It looks and works just like the Conversor Pro, but slightly better!
Fully compatible with TV Pro and older versions of Conversor Pro. Order Now

Conversor Pro

A remote wireless microphone placed close to the sounds you want to hear, feeds directly into your hearing aid, via the loop/telecoil system. Order Now

Listenor Pro with headphones

Amplified listener with headphones. For mild to moderate hearing loss. For speech, television, radio, ipad devices, Optional extra directional mic. Powerful tone control for best help without a hearing aid. Order Now