What’s the difference between Pro and HD?

Back in 2003 Conversor Pro replaced Conversor F3, as a more modern successor. It has normal boost and zoom modes, just like the F3.
Pro’s “Zoom” directional mic has a sharper sound but its directionality isnt that pronounced. Our clients liked the Pro but it needed something extra, especially in the light of the drastic improvements that have been made in digital hearing aids.
HD microphone brings the massive improvement.
Pro has Boost (for quiet situations) and Zoom (to focus a bit on specific directions)
HD still has Boost (for quiet situations) but Zoom has been replaced by Noise Cancelling (for noisy sittuations) Actually this is EXACTLY how the F3 microphone used to work, although today its done digitally whereas the F3 did it mechanically/acoustically.
With HD, you now have Normal, Quiet mode (boost) and Noisy (noise cancelling) modes Each easily selected by a single button press.

HD is even easier to use, to understand, and with its superb performance in a noise (party, or restaurant, or with people all around) HD allows you to hear the nearby person clearly above the noise.