The Best Assistive Listening Device In The UK (Affordable – Portable – Easy To Use)

When it comes to managing hearing loss there is an overwhelming array of products that claim to help people who are deaf or who are hard of hearing. Many cheaper devices are simply amplifiers, which actually compromise any prescription device already in use, often adding noise or distortion too.

Assistive listening devices (also known as ALDs) can make hearing in a crowded or noisy environment a much easier process, and the Conversor Pro works without changing the prescription, instead simply adding a remote microphone to the solution provided by your audiologist. This is she simplest and most effective assistive listening device technology. Used by people who are deaf or hard of hearing across the world, the Conversor Pro has several qualities that make it an ideal choice for customers in the UK.

Efficiency. The Conversor pro reduces background noise. It selectively conveys the “wanted” speech. One of the biggest obstacles for people who are deaf or hard of hearing is that background noise can obscure the conversation or sound that they intend to hear. The Conversor Pro cuts through background noise using a directional microphone, which the user can then hear using their hearing aid or earphones plugged into the discreet receiver.

Portability. The Conversor Pro is small and contains a portable hearing loop. The receiver is worn around the neck and can be easily tucked into clothes for discretion, and the microphone is a small hand-held device that can be used with a wrist strap for convenience. Hearing loops installed in the home fail to help the user once they are out of the house; the Conversor Pro lets the user take their assistive listening device with them wherever they are.

Style. The Conversor Pro assistive listening device is discreet and stylish, with a smooth black casing. This makes it ideal for people who are self conscious about using assistive listening devices, including children and teenagers, perhaps with a mild hearing impairment, who prefer to use earphones plugged into the small receiver, instead of a hearing aid.

Affordability. The Conversor Pro is far more affordable than other assistive listening devices, which can run upwards of £500. Repairs are also excellent value, giving peace of mind to users who may be worried about breakages or maintenance costs.

Customer Service. Conversor Ltd is run by a small team of engineers who have many years’ experience in designing and maintaining assistive listening devices and other hearing products for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Customers can guarantee a friendly and thorough service, quick affordable repairs and user help advice available by telephone, online chat or email.

The Conversor Pro is the top choice of assistive listening device in the UK for many people who are deaf or hard of hearing. For more information visit our ALD page; to become a distributor call 01483 608 404 or email

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