Notetalker 2.0: supporting student productivity

At Notetalker we are constantly working on improving our software in order to meet the needs of every institution and student.

We’re excited to announce the arrival of Notetalker 2.0, which now includes:

– Compatibility with mind mapping tools, such as Mindview, to increase students’ productivity.

– An upgrade to the bookmarking tool to allow students to bookmark video content to strengthen their learning using rich mixed media.

The newest version of Notetalker also offers the functionality for lecturers to curate relevant online content through Wakelet – a social learning platform  – to share with students pre- or post- lecture, supporting research and further study. In addition to this, a transcription service to support HEIs in the creation of high quality lecture notes is also available.

We are available to chat with HE/ FE staff, DSA assessors and AT trainers about different solutions and approaches to ensure every student is supported by Notetalker 2.0.

Get in touch with our team and discover how Notetalker 2.0 can support teaching and learning. We would love to demo the latest version of Notetalker to you and offer you free trial.

Call us today on+44 (0)1483 473810 or email

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