Conversor: Your top three products

At Conversor, we are continuously looking for ways to improve our technology and create innovative products that can take tackle the challenges of hearing loss. And with 20% off using June202020, our top three products are already paving the way to better hearing…

Conversor HD

Helping hearing-impaired individuals hear better in difficult or noisy environments, the Conversor HD is a revolutionary piece of equipment. Supplied with new digital microphone technology, which actively cancels out background noise, sounds feed directly into the hearing aid via the loop/telecoil system, simply worn around the neck.

Director HD

Ideal for online conference calls, the Director HD brings online conversations closer – hearing aid users simply place the directional microphone closer to their face, eliminating the need to speak at a higher volume. As it’s directional, room acoustic echoes are also reduced, and with a 1.5m lead, it allows users to be heard from distance. Allowing for easier conversations and better communication.


Designed to complement hearing aids, those with a hearing impairment can now read conversations via a large, defined text displayed on a 5” or 10” clear, blank screen. Hearing, but with subtitles.

Paired with Conversor HD, individuals can directly tune in to the audios that matter – allowing them to listen with sounds and words