“Conversor HD has given my hearing a new lease of life!”

My hearing is very poor and restricted to one ear. Conventional hearing aids have not been of any help for some years during which I have relied on a Conversor Pro bought in February 2015 which I used with an earpiece. It was showing a degree of wear and tear and the news of an improved version led me to order a complete Pro HD system which I received it 13 December.

I was on my way to a Christmas lunch with former work colleagues and its first use was in a noisy pub environment. I immediately found that, in the microphone’s noise cancelling mode, I could hear the conversation rather better than I would have done with my old Pro system. This mode is a definite improvement and has given my hearing a new lease of life!

The past weeks have confirmed this experience and I am pleased with my purchase. – David Robins Jan 2020