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Assistive Listening Devices



Fixed Induction Loop. Simple non-technical installation. Just plug in and you're compliant, with a fixed loop system. Reception kiosk etc. GP, Dentist theatre bank etc.

Tour Guide & Group Systems

Conversor Pro 3 Channel Receiver

Conversor Pro 3 Channel Receiver with a custom number of receivers and transmitters according to your requirements. Contact us for a quote on a bespoke Conversor Pro 3 Channel Receiver for multiple speakers and listeners.


Conversor Pro transmitter with boom-headset microphone for group systems


Conversor Pro transmitter with MM1 lapel microphone for group systems

Accessories & Cables

Conversor Pro receiver


Conversor Pro receiver


Conversor Pro transmitter with microphone input for group systems


Accessories & Cables

Director Pro microphone


Directional microphone for use with voice recorders and PC computers.

Accessories & Cables

Conversor Pro in-car charger


Conversor Pro wireless hearing device in-car charger

Accessories & Cables

Conversor Pro charger


USB Power supply unit for Conversor Pro and Conversor Pro Plus

Accessories & Cables

Multipack charger


Power rating 5V, 2.6A power supply for use with voltage input 100-240V. Power supply for Conversor Pro multipacks


Personal stereo cable for Oticon hearing instrument and smartphone, ALD or audio source

Accessories & Cables

Conversor Pro battery set


Battery set for Conversor Pro