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Assistive Listening Devices

Ear Hook


Nylon earhooks with an embedded sensitive magnetic induction coil(s) to provide an inductive output. Cable is Kevlar reinforced TPE and terminated with a gold-plated, right angle 3.5mm jack plug.

Accessories & Cables

Conversor HD-BT


Bluetooth adapter for connection to hearing aids without LOOP “T” Telecoil receiver. Supplied with USB charger lead and short audio lead and adapter to connect to the Conversor Pro or Conversor HD pendant receiver.

Assistive Listening Devices

Headset microphone


Boom headset microphone

Accessories & Cables

Headphone splitter adapter


For sharing the headphone connection of your device. Use this adapter to connect SCRIPT and headphones to your laptop or mobile device, so that you can read the text you hear in your earphones.

Assistive Listening Devices

Conversor Script 10HD


Instant text display with 10" screen, plus 2 Conversor receivers and one Conversor HD Microphone.


Accessories & Cables

Director HD microphone


Directional micropone for Android Ios (ipad) and MAC computers. 1.5m cable. For Windows PC or dictaphone, please use Director Pro instead.

Assistive Listening Devices

Conversor Script 10R


Instant text display with 5" screen, plus Conversor receiver and charger

Assistive Listening Devices

Conversor Script 10


SCRIPT user guide_270420_v1.1Conversor instant text display with 10" screen, Android device. Instantly converts nearby speech to text. Needs WiFi

Assistive Listening Devices

Conversor HD Microphone


New digital microphone technology actively cancels background noise. Compatible with your existing Conversor Pro receiver.

Assistive Listening Devices



Fixed Induction Loop. Simple non-technical installation. Just plug in and you're compliant, with a fixed loop system. Reception kiosk etc. GP, Dentist theatre bank etc.

Tour Guide & Group Systems

Conversor Pro 3 Channel Receiver

Conversor Pro 3 Channel Receiver with a custom number of receivers and transmitters according to your requirements. Contact us for a quote on a bespoke Conversor Pro 3 Channel Receiver for multiple speakers and listeners.