5 Reasons You Need Hearing Impaired Headsets For Your Church

5 Reasons You Need Hearing Impaired Headsets For Your Church (& Save Money On Loops!)

When creating an environment in which your congregation can worship and engage in church life freely, it is important to consider those members who have difficulty hearing or may be deaf. Installing a hearing loop into your church building is one way to address this need, but acquiring hearing impaired headsets is often a far better option than hearing loop installation. Here are five reasons why you need hearing impaired headsets such as the Conversor Pro for church.

  1. It saves money. Church hearing loop installation often involves significant adjustment to carpets and other parts of the church, which costs money to repair on top of the already expensive hearing loop (this can run into several thousand pounds) plus labour charges. If you have several rooms in your church that require hearing loop installation, this will run the costs even higher. Having hearing impaired headsets for your church such as the Conversor Pro means that you can be selective with the volume according to your needs and avoid the maintenance and cosmetic repair costs involved with a installing a church hearing loop system in the building. The Conversor Pro is one of the most cost-effective assistive listening device systems for churches.

2. There is a high risk of failure with church hearing loop systems due to constant activity in the building; furniture or wires being moved for services or events or building maintenance or repairs can pull at or cut through the loop (finding a fault in metres of wire is very time intensive). A hearing loop failure is very inconvenient for members, whereas having a set of hearing impaired headsets ensures that your hearing impaired church members are able to have a high quality experience every time they walk in the door.

3. The Conversor Pro hearing impaired headsets are excellent for younger members of church with hearing impairments as it removes the need to wear an external hearing aid; earphones that plug into the receiver or an in-ear hearing aid both work excellently with the Conversor Pro. This can make all the difference to young people with hearing difficulties who want to get involved in church life.

4. Having hearing impaired headsets for church saves time on installation, repairs and maintenance. With frequent services, meetings and events, the less time that is spent on logistics within the church the better, as it allows members to focus on ministry and fellowship. Keeping a set of portable hearing impaired headsets is a quick and simple way to enable members to hear all that is going on, without losing valuable church time.

5. The Conversor Pro contains portable hearing loops, giving your hearing impaired church members greater flexibility and freedom to sit and move around various areas or church rooms without losing the quality of their hearing. They can also be used outside for church socials and functions, unlike hearing loops installed in church buildings.

We hope that this article has shed some light on the best assistive listening device systems for churches; we believe that using the Conversor Pro as the choice hearing impaired headset for your church members is one of the most time and cost effective ways to meet your congregation’s needs and efficiently minister to those with hearing impairments.

We offer discounts for churches wishing to purchase the Conversor Pro. For more information call 01483 608 404 or email darryl@conversorproducts.com

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